The Brain 2: My economically and environmentally friendly dream home
Setting The Mood

As children, my brother and I spent days drawing up floor plans for our future dream homes (they, of course, had secret tunnels, helicopter pads and three story water slides). So, it was only natural that someday I would want to design and build a real home for myself. In 2012, I began gathering sources and inspiration for my own home which I lovingly refer to as "The Brain (II)."*

* The Brain is named for and originally inspired by a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory by the same name in Seattle, WA designed by Olson Kundig Architects (sadly no relation) in 2002.

Planning and Design

Translating my day dreams and pinterest boards to pencil and paper proved a daunting and particularly difficult task. I sketched plan after plan in my head. I eye-balled everyone's garage doors and windows, measuring them with my feet and comparing them to the brain's dimensions. After seven rounds digital comps (and finally deciding that, yes, it did indeed need an indoor toilet), I was finally content with the initial layout.

KEY ATTRIBUTES: Contemporary with modern flair; All second-hand recycled, re-purposed and/or natural materials; Energy efficient; Sustainably-minded; Open spaces and high ceilings; Natural lighting; South-facing; Laundry shoot

downstairs floor plan

upstairs floor plan

west side

south front

east side

Tour the Brain

Next, I built a 3-D(ish) render based on the blueprints. It was so fun to see my high-flying dreams slowly become a reality! However, as I worked on the render, I noticed several things that needed to be addressed in the next round of blueprints.

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Desk of Leah O

Made with love by Leah O